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Steempeak had a big update the other day that added a number of features.

I absolutely love the interface and the team behind it. One of the reasons is the pace of development that comes from them. Of all the main blogging type interfaces, I consider them to be the most on the ball. They already have Steem-Engine holdings showing in the wallet along with @steembasicincome units. This gives individuals a look at their holdings all in one place.

Without going through all the updates, there is one that I wanted to highlight. With the growth of Steem-Engine, I feel this is an important application to focus upon.

We all know the reward pool pays out either in SP or SBD. Users can elect either 100% SP or a 50/50 breakdown between SP and SBD. The SBD is liquid and can be converted immediately. The SP is in the powered up form and will require a power down to access.

@likwid is a service that was created which alleviates this. For those who are interested in getting their rewards in liquid STEEM, Likwid offers this. For a fee (1.5%), when the option is selected, the payout in 7 days will be made to the recipient in the form of liquid STEEM. These alleviates the hassle of dealing with half one's payment going through the 13 week power down process.

Why would someone want to use this service?

The most obvious reason is because one needs the money. For those who are dependent upon STEEM to survive (or at least pay some bills), having to wait the power down period if horrible. When the bills come in, they need to be paid. Often, people need the money yesterday, hence 13 weeks is not appealing.

There is another reason to use a service like this. With the advent of Steem-Engine, people can transfer their STEEM onto that platform. By using the Steem Pegged token (Steemp), one is able to convert STEEM to whatever token is desired. This is something that could hold great appeal to one trying to amass a particular token.

It is crucial to remember that many of the Steem-Engine tokens are similar to STEEM in that they provide one with more voting power on the individual platform. This means "powering up" (called staking on Steem-Engine) will enhance one's interaction.

At this time, I am reminded of seeing some of the payouts in the early days of Steem. With so few people participating, the reward pool is spread among less users. As they grow, the payouts get diluted since it is going to more people.

Therefore, one might have an interest converting STEEM into another token that is on a platform that he or she is interested in helping out. The opportunity exists, in my opinion, for people on here now to be the Whales and Orcas on these applications. While Steem is in the early days being three years old, many of these platforms are around less than a month. How would you liked to been on Steem in April of 2016? Do you think your account would be different than it is now?

This is the opportunity that exists before each of us.

It is for this reason that Likwid could be a viable option for some people.

And now, it is part of the Steempeak interface. This means that one can select it as an option when putting together a post.

In a bear market, this might not be the worst idea in the world if someone is not committed to long-term holding.

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