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Reviewing And Analyzing 20 Factors In The Paradigm Shift Towards Freedom And Free Energy - Factor 14


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This is part fourteen of a twenty part series.

Mark Passio recently did WOEIH podcast number 219 titled “Tesla And Humanity’s Missing Paradigm Shift Revisited”. 

During the presentation, two graphics that he used were two lists.  Each list contains ten details of what the paradigm shift is, for a total of twenty.  

This is the fourteenth installment as I go through that information, one by one.

14.  Knowledge that “negative” emotions serve a critical purpose

What purpose do so-called "negative" emotions serve?

I’ll use the example of anger.  Anger can be a powerful motivational tool, if it can be controlled and channeled correctly. 

On a personal level, I have a lot of anger at the condition that humanity is allowing itself to be in.  

Humanity is allowing itself to be enslaved.  

How do I use this for a purpose?

That’s simple.  

I write.  I channel this anger through my writing.  This serves a dual purpose.  It hopefully has some positive effect in “waking people up”.  This, in turn, can spur them into action and, ultimately, hopefully, have an effect towards raising human consciousness and human freedom.

Also, please be aware, it is not only anger that pushes me to write.  It is only one factor.  Other factors are love of justice, truth, liberty, and God itself.    

I will admit, though, that sometimes I tend to dwell on the negative, which is a bad thing.  The negative should be looked at and dealt with, not dwelt upon.  I definitely have room for improvement in this area. 

What about humanity, in the aggregate? Do they know that negative emotions can be used for a positive purpose?

I don’t think there’s currently an accurate way to actually measure this.  However, what I do know is that the so-called “New Age Movement” advocates “not looking at the negative”.   

The negative must always be looked at, so that it can be dealt with.  If someone is being attacked, should they just sit there and ignore the negative that is occurring? If someone passes by and sees this happening, should they also ignore it? And when I mention this, I’m not just referring simply to some random thug in the street attacking someone.  

What if a thug with a badge (cop) is extorting someone? 

Will people just ignore it?  

This should make them angry.  This should make them want to stop the evil that is occurring in front of them. 

Sad to say, I think when it comes to attacks perpetrated by “the state”, most people do ignore this negative and the emotions it brings about, and do nothing to stop it.  

In short, ignoring the negative allows evil to occur unchecked.  

Part 15 Coming Soon!

Thanks for your time and attention!

Just say "NO" to slavery!

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