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Outgoing Votes Report 17 July 2019


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Steem Basic Income

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

Upvotes by Voting Account

Our automated system selects the highest VP account that can deliver the upvote value each time. If the full vote cannot be delivered by a single account, the post may be upvoted by several accounts. Only the rshares value actually voted is removed from the member's pending upvote balance.

In cases where 20% of pending vote balance is greater than the 100% maximum deliverable upvote from all ten voting accounts, the unvoted amount remains in pending upvote balance until eventual upvote delivery. This applies to only 3 accounts that have posted within the last seven days.

For more about how upvote delivery works, please read Value Balances and Upvote Delivery.


(@steemsql data visualized in Power BI by @josephsavage)

This shows the total number of upvotes (without respect to size) delivered in the last week. 6445 total upvotes, 1779 accounts upvoted, 10 voting accounts! 54% of the supported accounts have never sent any STEEM for enrollment. They have been sponsored by other Steemians that support our vision of creating a crowd-funded voluntary basic income.

SCOT tokens

We are using our Scot curation and author rewards to spread PAL and other tokens ( #weedcash, #sct, #spt, #steemleo, #mediaofficials, #battle, etc.) across our full voting account structure, in order to provide SCOT token author rewards as a bonus to SBI members participating in those communities.

We are open to staking additional SCOT tokens as they begin to gain traction.


To enroll in Steem Basic Income, or to increase the level of basic income that you receive, enrollment is pretty straightforward:

Just send 1 STEEM to @steembasicincome. Include the name of a Steemian to sponsor in the transaction memo (preceded by @). You and the person you sponsor will each receive 1 share in the program. You can sponsor any active Steemian (excluding yourself), it does not have to be a current member. Multiples of 1 STEEM are also fine (e.g. 5 STEEM with one name means 5 SBI for each of you).

We currently recommend a subscription level of at least 5 SBI to ensure an upvote is received at least once per week, and a level of 40+ SBI will help you get the best results. Increasing your subscription level results in more frequent upvotes until you are being upvoted on every post. Then it results in larger upvotes instead.

Please check out our full transaction memo guidelines and let us know if you have any questions.

The official currency for enrollment is STEEM. We accept SBD at our discretion but you do not receive extra value or any partial refund for paying in SBD instead of STEEM. If we choose to accept an SBD enrollment, we accept the entire amount. If we choose to reject it, we refund the entire amount and request you to send STEEM instead. Enrollments are processed automatically every 144 minutes.

Questions about Steem Basic Income?

Most questions are addressed in our FAQ or in these helpful resources. If you still have questions, ask in the comments section or join us in our discord server.


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