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Practicing for "Vans Shop Riot" Contest + New Trick Unlocked


24 days agoSteemit

What's up my friends?

Here is some skate footage I filmed yesterday at the local skatepark of Ioannina city.I've been skating pretty hard for the past week cause I am preparing for "Vans Shop Riot" contest which take place in Athens at the 21 of September.
The competitio is gonna be huge so I must practice as much as I can until then and above all have fun with my board!

I filmed a bunch of tricks at the flatbox and after that i skated the copying.I also managed to learn a new trick yesterday. Such fun times!

Thank you all for watching and supporting me guys and if you want to see more skateboarding check out @steemskate, our skate community on Steem Blockchain.
Have fun and stay safe.

Music : UGK - Choppin' Blades (Dirty Money)

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