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My Background and Vision for Steem


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Hello Steemians, I’m Justin and I’m the Head of Engineering for Steemit, Inc. and in the following video I explain to @andrarchy (Head of Communications at Steemit) a little about my background, what I’ve been doing at Steemit for the last 3 years, and where I see Steem going in the future. I hope you enjoy it. To learn more about who else is on the Steemit Team and what they do, you can visit the “About” page on

Finding Steem

What drew me to Steem was the fact that it used the same technology pioneered by Bitcoin to give people full ownership over their words, so that their voice couldn’t be easily taken away. I believe that everyone needs a platform. Everyone needs a voice and Steem is the protocol best able to deliver that to people, just like Bitcoin was able to deliver a currency to everyone. Of course, the beauty of Steem is that it does that too. It gives you ownership over your voice, it gives you a fast-and-fee-less token, it gives you a fast-and-fee-less stablecoin, and pretty soon it will give you the ability to launch your very own currency as well, once we release the Smart Media Tokens protocol.

My Vision for Steem

My vision for Steem is that it one day becomes a household name - that it’s something that everyone will see on whatever application they happen to be using. I see it being commonplace to see the words “Powered by Steem" because it will just become how you do social media and cryptocurrency in the future.


We definitely wish we were much closer to achieving this vision. Several important projects have experienced delays, but that’s because we’ve been tackling problems that no one had even thought of before, because no one’s ever done this (a large scale social media network on a blockchain) before. Those problems had to be solved with software like Hivemind and MIRA before we could scale this to the masses.

Positioned to Thrive

But since we have solved those problems, we now find ourselves in a really good position today with Steem being one of, if not the most, advanced blockchain in many different and powerful ways.


I hope to do more videos and posts like this in the future, so please use the comment section below to ask me any questions you’d like me to answer in the future.

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