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Playing Steem-Based Games Has Been Profitable For Me So Far


last month2 min read

I like playing the new Steem-based games for the fun of it, but I can't say I am not happy if they turn out to be profitable as well.

Today I was curious how my profit stand on the three games I play: Steem Monsters, NextColony and DrugWars.

Steem Monsters

Funds In:
212 USD
104.556 STEEM
19.544 SBD

Market Value and Bonuses:
I currently hold around 11,335 DEC, which at market value of 0.00389 = 44.093 STEEM
Card collections at market value: 482.27$
SP vested from bonuses: 59.066 SP

Not taken into account:
Upvoting SM content for a long time by @steemmonsters with 10% weight
Some SPT tokens which I stake

Rough Potential Profit: 252$
Potential ROI: approx. 210%


Funds In:
19.98 STEEM
Funds Out:
50 STEEM in bounties
Not taken into account:
A few good upvotes.

Profit: 30.02 STEEM
ROI: 250%


Funds In:
53.182 STEEM
Funds Out:
105.829 STEEM

Profit: 52.647 STEEM
ROI: 199%


I am obviously in profit or potential profit on all three games, which is a great feeling!

There are three different games when it comes to how much and when you are expected to earn something that is worth outside of the game logic.

On SteemMonsters you can earn in different ways and practically every day, but not a high amount at once, unless you win a tournament with great prizes or if you sell a valuable card on the market.

On NextColony you can win every once in a while in bounties or other type of prizes, but you also can make profits by selling anything you own, from ships to planets (there isn't an in-game market for them yet, but they are already traded among players). I actually see a very good potential for making profits on NextColony, if that's what one aims for and understands the game progression in time. Since I haven't invested much in NextColony (it also came out last), based on the amount put in, I expect I will continue to have the highest ROI on it, among the three.

DrugWars... I am one the the players in profit. And still playing the game. Unfortunately the economic balance is not one of its strengths. I did most of the profit in the early days, but I still exchange FUTURE tokens to STEEM from time to time.


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