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Growing with dumping prices


4 months ago2 min read

My faith is strong in Steem

I just watched todays vlog 423 of @exyle on Steempeak and I have to agree with him even though his FIAT reserves seem to be a bit bigger than mine.

But the premise is the same. I look at what has been done here in the last two years and cannot help but be amazed at the evolution that has taken place here. I arrived and this was just a simple blogging platform that rewarded you for participating. Look at it now... Even the screenshot below of @Steemspeak, @SBI and @Keychain were things that were just vague ideas back then.

Steemit Inc is doing a lot on the backend that allows for cheaper witness servers and nodes. There are so many devs working on new and innovative products its hard to keep up. This will continue and will have a knock on effect. Prices now might dump in concert with BTC which is normal market behaviour. But this has nothing to do with the activity and development here.

I am not worried on Steem price.

I have not sold any steem that has not come back in some form and I will invest a little more if I get the chance and some FIAT frees up. These are the times that smart money people accumulate.

Buy when there is blood on the street, even if some is your own

on a side note:

@steemspeak did another nice update which I immediately tested. We can now send out SBI straight from their dashboard and as a SBI lover this is a really cool new thing. That including with the list options and a myriad of other tweaks makes this my new desktop tool. I am sadly leaving @busy even though I liked them and the upvotes :-)

Screen Shot 20190711 at 12.49.11.png

So @exyle here is an SBI, enjoy and it will help you on your way to 500K SP and myself to 50K

visit to learn about crypto and blockchain. consider using a witness vote by voting for @Swisswitness here:


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