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...I am still fine with only 3 planets, but I can't imagine how are people playing when they have over 10 planets. It really has to take a lot of time so I would say this is really important feature that should be added.

I am looking for some kind of global information window that would tell me about all the things that are happening with my colony. It doesn't matter if it's resources being full on one of the planets, having a free slot for another exploration mission or someone attacking me. It's all very important.

I made a poor design how it could look like. It can be on the right or somewhere in the navigation menu. You can scroll all of the information or you can dismiss them. There is also a possibility to add some roleplay to the sentences so you can really feel like a commander.

Is it an useless feature or not? There are obviously different ways how it can be done for example adding the ships/buildings timers to the main window so you don't have to switch between the pages and planets all the times. What do you think?


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