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Dporn Progress Update


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Thanks for the support:

We didn’t expect the response we got from Steem community to our reintroduction of Dporn to the community here and the token was snatched up with 5 minutes of being posted so a big thank you!

Of course, you can still buy PORN tokens on the marketplace here. Keep in mind the price might be inflated a bit due to a small circulation supply atm.

All this was followed by a series of videos and posts by the community so thank you again including our newest member to the Dporn team @daltono here is his introduction video:


@oldtimer with Searching…
@exyle Dporn is back


Onboarding Content Users:

As we mentioned before, we are busy building out a on-boarding website ( dpornstudios ) for content creators as we speak. There is going to be an education piece to all this as we have to educate the content users how to sign up and operate their Steem account. As you can imagine this can be a slow process so be patient as we roll out all this. Along with our future front-end which will start with pictures and then opening up the for videos and get more content around it. This process will take a little time so bare with as we roll all this out.

Here is a quick screenshot so far of the website:


Update On Hardfork 21 Approaching:

We hope to launch before HF 21 and definitely after it. We want to make sure our announcement doesn’t land on the on the HF 21 day taking away from it.

Summary Of Progress:

  • Dpornstudios website ( content creators portal being developed - opening July 26 th)
  • Onboarding content creators to use Dporn condenser

We are looking at opening the site the last week of July at the earliest and no later than the end of August. Thanks again for all the support.

Side Note: If you are a developer we could always use the help as we'll need to quickly ramp up on all the tribe features upvote bot, categories and featured. Reach out to us, thanks!

You can reach us in many spots below:



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